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At Armstrong Waterproofing Corporation, we're experts in diagnosing the cause of your basement leak or water problem and developing the right course of action to repair it. Basement leakage can occur for many reasons, so don't assume the worst. The reason for your leak could be as simple as improper grading or a need for downspout extensions. We pride ourselves on our quality customer service, so you'll never have to deal with a pushy salesman. The owner will meet with you to assess your situation, clearly explain the condition of your home, and offer solutions so you can make an informed decision. Armstrong Waterproofing Corporation installs state of the art drainage systems and performs repairs to existing drainage systems. Our services will not only fix your problem, but cosmetically improve the look of your basement. Whether you're concerned about mold, mildew, cracked or bowed walls, wet basements or flooded yards, we have sensible solutions to your specific problems. Call us today!

We serve Rochester and surrounding areas.

During my first contact with Shane Armstrong (the owner), he talked himself out of a job. After listening to a detailed description of my problem with water in the basement, he told me it sounded like I needed the services of a plumber more than the services he provided. He then recommended a couple of plumbing companies he had worked with. I contacted one of them and had the main drain out of my house replaced with PVC pipe (it had been clay tile pipe sections that had deteriorated over the roughly 60 years since the house was built and which were plugged with tree roots). This improved the situation greatly and solved our major problem. I tell this story to illustrate the kind of guy Shane is. His integrity compels him to be more concerned with solving problems than with making money.

A year later, after a particularly heavy rainfall, we had several areas in our basement where puddles of water had appeared (in contrast to our previous problem where there would be at least a half inch of water covering the lowest corner of our basement). Clearly we still had some issues, so I contacted Shane again. He came to our house to assess the situation. At first, while in the basement, he tentatively suggested some solutions that would involve digging some trenches in the basement floor (we have a finished basement). Then we went outside to walk around the house. Shane immediately noticed some problem areas and tied the locations to where the problems in the basement were.

Gradually a plan evolved that would not only address our remaining water issues, but would also add value to our home with a combination of landscaping, additional drainage pipes and the addition of a beautiful patio to direct the flow of water away from our house.

Although Shane was frequently on site, he employs a crew of impressively competent people. Although this may not be important to the final results, they were also quite personable, which made them enjoyable to work with. They were conscientious and would leave things in a state so as to minimize any issues should it rain before they came back. They also left the site as neat and picked up as possible at the end of each day. If something went wrong, they always fixed it so that it was better than before. As a case in point, during the excavation for the patio drain, they accidentally severed an underground electrical cable that supplied power to a nearby outbuilding. They replaced the cable with a new one the way it should have been done originally, in a protective conduit.

All in all, we are extremely pleased with our new patio and all the work Armstrong Waterproofing did for us. The company, and all of its employees, are topnotch. They look at the big picture when solving problems. As an example of their philosophy, during the course of the work, time and again I would hear the mantra "Think like water". I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, and, as a matter of fact, we're planning on having them do some more work for us in the future (we had to focus on the most important things first).

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